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  • On a matching distance between rooted phylogenetic trees 

    Bogdanowicz, Damian; Giaro, Krzysztof (University of Zielona Góra & Lubuskie Scientific Society, 2013-09)
    The Robinson–Foulds (RF) distance is the most popular method of evaluating the dissimilarity between phylogenetic trees. In this paper, we define and explore in detail properties of the Matching Cluster (MC) distance, which ...
  • Treecmp: comparison of Trees in polynomial Time 

    Bogdanowicz, Damian; Giaro, Krzysztof; Wróbel, Borys (Libertas Academica, 2012-08-06)
    When a phylogenetic reconstruction does not result in one tree but in several, tree metrics permit finding out how far the reconstructed trees are from one another. They also permit to assess the accuracy of a reconstruction ...